We’re closing Assguard, but it’s not the end.

On September 30, we will shut down Assguard. We invite you to join us at another VPN of ours.
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The history of Assguard, the badass-name VPN

In 2019, a team of good-humored rebels got tired of conventional VPNs. So we created Assguard, a VPN that let users choose what they wanted to do and took care of the rest.

But after a few years, it got hard 😕

People who used the app were few and became fewer every month. At some point, we started earning less than it cost us to support the app.

That’s why we decided to shut down Assguard.
But we’re not saying goodbye to our users!

All Assguardians can switch to ClearVPN, another VPN of ours.
We’ve prepared a personalized deal for each user to make the transition as easy as possible.

If you’ve used Assguard, check your app or email inbox.
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ClearVPN is like Assguard.
But better.

The app focuses on your experience and your actual needs. It’s worry-free, intuitive, and beautifully designed. Switch to ClearVPN

ClearVPN is a VPN you’ll love using.

Intuitive next-level design
Strict no-log policy & strong encryption
Fast servers in 20+ countries
Fast and secure access to any online content

Wait, I have a question...

We’ll shut down the app and remove it from App Store and Google Play. Preinstalled Assguard apps won’t work as VPN but will provide users with all the needed info to switch to ClearVPN.

Assguard will charge you if you don’t cancel your subscription.

App Store and Google Play manage subscriptions to apps; that’s why we can’t unsubscribe you from Assguard ourselves.

Please unsubscribe from Assguard manually. Here’s how to do that:

Canceling Assguard on iPhone
Canceling Assguard on Android

If you’ve had Assguard Premium, you’ll get ClearVPN Premium free of charge. For example, if you had 5 months of Assguard’s paid plan left, you’d get 5 months of ClearVPN Premium for free.

Used Assguard GuardCycles? You’ll get free months of ClearVPN Premium, depending on how many GuardCycles you had.

The Assguard users were few, and the app required high maintenance fees. At some point, we began to earn less than it cost us to support the app. So, we decided to shut it down.

ClearVPN is an effortless VPN solution for people who want to expand and protect their online experience. It’s faster and more stable than Assguard, has an intuitive design, and allows you to connect to more than 20 countries.

ClearVPN is developed by the team behind Assguard, so we invite all Assguardians to join us there! Assguard will stay forever in our hearts. But it’s time to move on 💜

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